Nelly Chemin contemporary jewelry designer

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2019 - Novembre : exhibition "La Combe du Lynx", (St Alban, France)

           November to january : Talents gallery, (Paris, France)

           September : demonstration, Journées du patrimoine, (Jujurieux, France)

         May : exhibition "Connexion", La Banquette Bleue gallery, (Lyon, France)

           Since march : Biennale du Design store (Saint-Etienne, France)

           January to april : Empreintes concept store (Paris, France)


2018 - November to january : Exhibition "18+", Caractère gallery (Neuchâtel, Switzerland)

           November: ID Art event (Annecy, France)

           Sept. to december : House of the Métiers d'Art (Pézenas, France)

           April to september : La Nef gallery (Montpellier, France)
           Since february : Dolorès Dévigne gallery, (Ecully, France)

2017 - November: ID Art event (Annecy, France)
           June to september : Cbijoux gallery (Monthey, Switzerland)
           April to january 2018 : Empreintes concept store (Paris, France)
           Since march : Biennale du Design store (Saint-Etienne, France)
           Since february : Talents store (Paris, France)

2016 - Ateliers d'Art de France member certification
           Development of fair-trade jewelry processes
           October : Biennale Emergences event, (Paris, France)
           July to october: La Nef gallery (Montpellier, France)

2015 - Since july : Racont’Arts gallery (Lyon, France)
           April to june 2016 : Maria Clara Art Point gallery (Bruxelles, Belgium)
           Since may : Huit de Coeur, gallery (Paris, France)
           Since april : Caractère gallery (Neuchâtel, Switzerland)


2014 - February to october 2017 : activ member of 'Arts Pentes’ association in Lyon
           Since march : Bettina Flament gallery (Lille, France)

2013 - December to june 2015 : exhibition at the apartment-galllery Racont’Arts (Lyon, France)

           November : ID Art event (Lyon, France)

2012 -‘Artisanat’ event, collective area ‘Pôle Bijou Baccarat (Luxembourg)

2011 - October : launch of the ‘Nelly Chemin bijoux contemporains’ brand,
           DMA (Diplôme des Métiers d’Art) Jewelry at the Lyon S.E.P.R school
           INMA prize Avenirs Métiers d’Art - 2nd prize
           Félix Rollet prize (Rotary Club - laureate)

2010 - Training at ‘Molusk’, ‘aquatic’ brand jewelry (Paris, France)

2009 - BMA (Brevet des Métiers d’Art) Jewelry at the S.E.P.R Lyon school

           With Honor
           Training at Mathilde Quinchez contemporary jewelry (Paris, France)

2007 - CAP art of jewelry, Lyon S.E.P.R. school

           With Honor

2005 - Graphic printing, Lyon S.E.P.R. school